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Netschool is designed with the teachers, students, parents, and administrators in mind. Take a moment to browse our full list of features and see how Netschool can benefit your school.



We are making teaching and learning available on multiple platform. Whether desktop, laptop, tablets or phones, we have you covered.



Discussions and Comments

Netschool provides tools for discussion. Discussion can be about an assignment, lesson note or more.

Teachers and student can discuss various academic works as related to them anytime anywhere.

Rich Content Editor

Rich Content Editor

Text, videos, audios, images and web pages

Netschool provides you with the tool that enables you to add text, videos, audios, images and web pages to your lesson notes or assignment thereby creating a very rich content that the learners can find lively.



The assignment feature let the teacher give assignment to student which the teacher can grade after they are submitted.

With this assignment feature the student can work on their homework and submit before due date.

Academic Reportcard


Access to monitor the progress of student academically whether daily, weekly or termly with netschool. There is no reason to wait till the end of the academic term.

This reportcard can be customised to your school standard thereby giving your report a unique look

E-Lesson Notes

We also provide digital e-lesson note maker that allows teachers to create interactive and rich lesson notes for student by adding videos, audios, images, web pages and texts together to create a rich lesson note. This proves to be effective as people learn more visually.


Inbox and Private Messages


This feature would allow private communication between users.

User Access

Every user must be login to access this personal information on the platform. We take the security of users and data very seriously.



You can bookmark the best of resources you foind on the web that can aid in the process of teaching and learning.


Quick Notes

We you need to put down those volatile ideas you have, quicknotes would be handy to keep those information for you.


Progress Report


No parent ever has to wait till the end of the academic term before you get an academic progress report on your child. This feature would let the teacher give weekly progress report on the student.

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Founded in Lagos Nigeria in early 2011, Silver Pacific Technologies Limited is an information Technology company with the focus to providing solutions to educational institutions that can help improve productivity and efficiency of the students and teachers while also getting the parents involved actively in the process of training their children.

We are the maker of Netschool, an interactive academic contents solution that brings all subjects, teachers, parents, students and administrators to the computers.

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